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Esoteric Power?

Knighthood often carries a mystique suggesting esoteric power.

This reflects legendary blends of martial art prowess, divine favor, and, stirring in the background, hints of pagan magic. The image was forged in medieval perceptions of the world, along with a tendency to enhance cultural myths, carried on today by cinema adaptations.

To generations fascinated by superheroes and warlocks, the idea of mastering strange powers holds special appeal. Knighthood’s latest incarnation, the Jedi Knights of “Star Wars”, channel energies generated by “the Force”. Similar tales are told about martial art masters using “chi” to repulse their opponents.

The tenacity of this appeal suggests more than fantasy. There are a mystical sides to knighthood, as alive today as a thousand years ago. We feel drawn to examine them, if only to prove that they exist.

Is “chi” real? Is “the Force”? What about magic? Can physical abilities be honed to superhuman levels? What about telepathy? Telekinesis? Warriors so favored by God or the universe that they excel in everything?

The possibilities make for wonderful fantasy.

Their persistence, however, suggests something real.

Consider forces of good and evil in everyday life; insights derived from intuition; connections formed by empathy; the power of hope; talent; meditation; prowess attained from persistent training; the strength that comes from courage and determination; the power of wisdom; creative impulses; the mysterious subconscious; contradictions of logic found in paradox; very real, mystical experiences; the myriad intricacies of life originating from strings of DNA…

…and, lest I forget, the capabilities of the Quest in transforming us into unique champions for good.

Consider how the unexplained phenomenon of gravity creatively shapes the universe from its inception to be what it is today. The recent discovery of atomic matter inexplicably flitting in and out of existence to keep things stable. The universe appears to have been created from nothing – and that includes the space within which it exists, that continues to expand.

What about the power of love versus hate? Good versus evil? These dynamics are in constant tension. Can we consider hate and evil the “Dark Side”?

There’s much that is unexplained, starting with existence itself. And that’s good – a prolific source of new thought and creativity that leads to new horizons. We just need to better define it.

Until then, Grail Consciousness pulls us forward.



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