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Quotes about Chivarly & Knighthood
by Sir Steven Forgette

The following quotes were sent to me by Sir Steven Forgette, a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus who lives in Plattsburgh, New York. We have been in regular communication since early August of 2006.
      He has kindly permitted us to publish them, and I thank him for this wonderful addition.


What then is Chivalry? So strong a thing, and of such hardihood, and so costly in the learning, that a wicked man or low dare not undertake it... Whoso would enjoy high honor first must suitable display that he has well been schooled to such arts...
—The Biography of Sir William Marshall

More than a code of manners in war and love, Chivalry was a moral system, governing the whole of noble life...
—Barbara W. Tuchman, A Distant Mirror

Every Knight remembers (his dubbing) as the finest (day) of his existence...
—George Duby

When his apprenticeship was finished (the candidate for Knighthood) was received into the Knightly Order by a ritual of sacramental awe...
—Will and Ariel Durant

Society expected each man to aspire constantly to Chivalric Behavior; in return, they gave him an honorable place in the union of men...
—Arno Borst, Medieval Worlds

You who long for the Knightly Order,
It is fitting you should lead a new life;
Devoutly keeping watch in prayer,
Fleeing from sin, pride and villainy;
The Church defending,
The Widows and Orphans succouring.
Be bold and protect the people,
Be loyal and valiant, taking nothing from others.
Thus should a Knight rule himself.

He should be humble of heart and always work,
And follow Deeds of Chivalry.;
Be loyal in war and travel greatly;
He should frequent tourneys and joust for his Lady Love;
He must keep honor with all,
So that he cannot be held to blame.
No cowardice should be found in his doings,
Above all, he should uphold the weak,
Thus should a Knight rule himself.
— Eustace Deschamps

...The Candidate began with a bath as a symbol of spiritual, perhaps as a guarantee of physical, purification... He was clothed in a white tunic, red robe, and black coat, representing respectively the hope-for purity of his morals, the blood he might shed for honor or God, and the death he must be prepared to meet unflinchingly.
     For a day he fasted; he passed a night at Church in prayer, confessed his sins to a Priest, attended Mass, received Holy Communion, heard a sermon on the moral, religious, social, and military duties of a Knight, and solemnly promised to fulfill them.
     He then advanced to the altar with a sword hanging from his neck; the Priest removed the sword, blessed it, and replaced it upon his neck. The Candidate turned to the seated lord from whom he sought Knighthood, and was met with a stern question: ...For what purpose do you desire to enter the Order? If it be riches, to take your ease, and be held in honor without doing honor to Knighthood, you are unworthy of it...
     The Candidate was prepared with a reassuring reply. Knights or Ladies then clothed him in a Knightly array of hauberk, breastplate, armlets, gauntlets (armored gloves), sword, and spurs. The lord, rising, gave the Accolade - three blows with the flat of the sword upon the neck or shoulder, and sometimes a slap on the cheek, as symbols of the last affronts that he might accept without redress; and dubbed him with the formula, ...In the name of God, St. Michael, and St. George I make thee Knight....
     The new Knight received a lance, a helmet, and a horse; he adjusted his helmet, leaped upon his horse, brandished his lance, flourished his sword, rode out from the Church, distributed gifts to his attendants, and gave a feast for his friends...
—Will Durant

The First Battle

There is a battle to be fought,
Before the weapon is in hand,
Or the enemy is in distance to strike.

The battle is in the mind,
To take captive our fears and doubts,
To secure our thoughts and
Command our mental faculties.

To focus these moment of our life
For a greater purpose than our own needs,
Our own wants or even our own preservation.

To walk into the shadow of death placing our
Destiny in the hands of God,
For Him, for Country, for family,
For the defense and well being of others,
For children yet to be born.

To remove all jealousy, envy, strife
And hatred from our heart.
To forgive all who have wronged us.
To be thankful for all the beauty in the world.
And every voice and smile of friendship.
To pray for our families and loved ones,
To pray for our enemies as well;
That in this ensuing battle,
Whatever the outcome,
That the Will of God be done.

To pray for courage that we might encourage others.
To pray for the forgiveness of others,
That we may be forgiven ourselves.
For if this be our last moments,
We want to be right with Him.

This is the Heart of ancient Knighthood,
When every day was a battle in the mind.

This is the heart of true patriots,
True Soldiers, for all who serve God,
In serving their Country and
In service to others.
—Sir R. I. Tulak

Follow The Gleam!

To the Knights in the days of old,
Keeping watch on the mountains height,
Came a vision of The Grail
And a voice through the waiting night;
Follow, follow, follow the gleam;
Banners unfurled o'er all the world;
Follow, follow, follow the gleam
Of the chalice that is The Grail!

And we who would serve The King
And loyally Him obey,
In the consecrate silence know
That the challenge still holds today.
Follow, follow, follow the gleam
Standards of worth o'er all the earth;
Follow, follow, follow the gleam
Of the Light that shall bring the Dawn.
— Helen Hill Miller


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