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Today's Knights

What do today’s Knights look like?

They don’t walk around in armor, with angry expressions and bloody swords. Images like that come from fantasy. In medieval times, knights lived ordinary lives when not at tournament or on the battlefield. During times of war, they tried to avoid direct fighting, preferring to harass the enemy through sieges and crop burnings. Things are never like we imagine.

But that was then. “Chivalry-Now” must be different from “chivalry-then” or it would be obsolete. Today’s world calls for very different champions.

We don’t fight for ambitious monarchs or actual crusades. But there are causes worth fighting for. The promotion and safeguard of democracy, for example. The responsible use of reason and conscience that give freedom its value. Truth, when threatened by lies. Defending those in need. Honest politics. A just world that bends toward equality and peace. Courtesy in all our dealings. The achievement of profound love.

None of these are extraordinary demands. They follow the dictates of Nature’s Law, the call of our Inner Knight. When we neglect them, we neglect ourselves.

It’s not just “now” for which we fight. Every age sets the stage for that which follows. We must do our part for the sake of a more advanced and humane future.

Today’s Knight looks like any of us – when we are inspired into action by the greater good. It doesn’t matter your gender, or color, or religion. All it takes is to awaken and empower our truest selves through commitment and self-discipline as part of our natural development.

When that Inner Knight awakes, your consciousness gains a more acute awareness of the moment. This marks the beginning of your quest. If you faithfully progress on your own unique path, life rewards you with meaningful adventures. As you learn and train and fortify your mind, it eventually leads to your goal.

Even in the early stages, you will feel more alive. The boundaries of right and wrong become clearer, which aids your progress. You talk less and listen more. You empathize with the suffering of others and seek to help them. Attaining virtue gains new priority. Some liken it to a second birth that can happen at an age.




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