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The Path to Knighthood Program

The Companionship of Chivalry-Now recognizes the serious commitment, accomplishments and leadership qualities of certain of its members through the accolade of knighthood.
     Members who are so recognized become part of the Council of Knights of Chivalry-Now, which is overseen by senior members who comprise the Inner Council of Knights. They are considered Knights-Errant who have demonstrated both their understanding and commitment to CN principles that they are capable of representing our mutual Quest.
     In order to accept new members into the Council of Knights, a Path to Knighthood Program is now being offered.
     The program is open to Companions of good standing, and consists of an application process that includes essay responses and optional recommendations. Once the applicant is accepted, two Knights will be assigned for evaluation. A portfolio will then be maintained on each applicant containing the application material and any other pertinent information that will assist in the evaluation process. Those interested are encouraged to download the Program Overview, Application and the optional Recommendation forms. Please send 2 copies of completed forms to the return address on the application.

     Mandatory reading material forms part of the curriculum. Recommended reading is, of course, recommended. A minimum 10 page dissertation (double line, Arial font, 12 pt.) on a topic agreed upon by the applicant and mentoring Knights will be required once curriculum requirements are completed.
     Only upon completion of all requirements will the applicant be considered for the accolade of Knighthood, which is in no way guaranteed for any participant.
     We anticipate that for most applicants the process should take months, a year or several years to complete. Some may not complete the process, which we hope to be rigorous enough to be worthy of this honor.
     Upon becoming a Knight, the applicant will be sent a certificate of Knighthood signed by two Knights and carrying the seal of the Council of Knights. He or she will then be expected to live up to the principles of Chivalry-Now from that point forward, and advocate on behalf of those principles as a representative of this Council.
     If a Knight every fails in properly representing our cause, he or she will be formally disassociated from the Council.
     If a Knight freely requests to step down from the Council OT our entire fellowship, disassociation will be granted.
     If a disassociated Knight wishes to return to the fellowship, that is his or her prerogative. If a disassociated Knight wished to regain his or her seat in the Council, a request will be accepted and the final decision will be made by the senior Knights of the Inner Council.



Special Features:

Special Training Manuals

CN Companionship


Knighthood (Nov.27, 2011)

Discipline of the Sword

Path to Knighthood (by invitation only)

(Some manuals may still be incomplete or not yet available. Changes will be noted by date.)

On the Road to Knighthood—by Sir Steven Forgette

Introductory Rules
New Companions —please review

Council of Knights

Some of the terms we use.

Discipline of the Sword

Draft Constitution

Our True Direction

The Deeper Song

Shadow-side of Male Virtue

The 12 Trusts
An extended version


Guide to Chivalry
Part 1

The Path to Knighthood Program —is temporarily closed


Are you a follower of Chivalry-Now?

CN Standards


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The Path to Knighthood Curriculum

The following curriculum presents mandatory and recommended reading and other requirements for those who participate in the Path to Knighthood Program.

Please Note: Participation in this program is by invitation only.

The curriculum may change as time goes on. We will make curriculum reading available as it is ready in order for members to participate in the program now.
The process may therefore expand as time goes on, with requirements not appearing in the order that they will eventually be.
We apologize for this inconvenience.

Curriculum Reading: (Please verify when you finish this series of books and articles in order for us to update your record.)

  1. Knighthood Starts with Self-improvement
  2. Chivalry-Now, the Code of Male Ethics, an introductory book on Chivalry-Now. This should have been read prior to your becoming a Companion.
  3. Esoterica. Please read The Deeper Quest, our textbook for achieving Knighthood.
  4. The CN guidebook for Knighthood
  5. The Grail Quest
  6. The Holy Grail
  7. Lessons from the Round Table Knights
    1. Lancelot's Path to Self-Discovery
    2. Gawain & Gender Relationships
    3. Percival's Worthy Approach
  8. Recommended Reading & Videos/DVDs
  9. Shadow-side of Virtue


A dissertation of at least 10 pages may be required (double-spaced, Arial font, 12 points). Please note: The topic must be evaluated by Knights beforehand, and should reflect any special interest of the applicant.
     It should not be of an historical nature. Chivalry-Now is about living in the world today. Here are some topic ideas:

  • Esoterica concepts.
  • Applying the principles of Chivalry-Now to today's social problems.
  • How I will make a difference in today's world as a Knight-Errant of Chivalry-Now.
  • Personal Advocacy.

Please feel free to add your own creative ideas, but inquire if the subject will be acceptable before working on it.
     We look forward to expanding the ranks of our Council of Knights with members of the highest quality. Thank you for your interest.


Throughout the period of training, participants will exchange communications with their sponsor knights, who will ask and answer questions, provide advice and evaluate their progress. In effect, this will be a process of mentoring as well as evaluation, and will continue until the Companion is declared a Knight, no matter how long that is. The participant will be judged on honesty, comprehension of Chivalry-Now principles, past and present accomplishments, and qualities of the heart and mind. Please remember, the primary quality of a Knight is a that of personal and lifelong commitment to the Code of Chivalry, which for our purposes is represented by the 12 Trusts.

Deed of Advocacy:

In lieu of a disseration, the candidate mayt perform an exceptional deed of performance. This means a project that either helps other people as evidence of one's ideals in the name of Chivalry-Now, or some other form of outreach. Examples include, but are not limited to, exceptional volunteer work that reflects Chivalry-Now ideals, holding an event that spreads the word about modern chivalry, starting a chivalry-based group that uses the 12 Trusts as a foundation, publishing a newsletter on the topic, or writing a book. Feel free to be creative. The only requirement is that the effort is not trivial and that real commitment is evident. Verification must be provided of the deed, and a report on its results.


Special Features:


Eligibility Requirements

Participation in this program is by invitation only.

The applicant must be a member of the Companionship in good standing.

The applicant must complete the program to the satisfaction of two Council Knights.

The applicant must be at least 21 years of age. Those who are younger and fulfill all requirements will be designated Esquires, and will receive the accolade of Knighthood when they turn 21, if they continue to prove themselves worthy.



© Copyright 2007


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Recommended Reading

The following books and videos were chosen as thought-provoking resources for the aspiring Knight-errant, and not for their entertainment value or any necessary connection to Arthurian themes.


The Book of Life—The first suggested reading on our list is the Book of Life, and this is the only recommendation that is mandatory. It is not an actual book, but rather a new perspective on life derived from participating in the Quest. You achieve it by reading the subtext of all that happens around you; by being conscious, but never fearful, of the Mystery of our own existence; by searching for truth while holding on to our integrity. In certain respects, you are the author of this book, the hero, and sometimes even the antagonist. The plot is your life within the drama of Life itself. And while much of what happens is beyond your power to control, your response is central to the plot’s conclusion.

Chivalry—by Maurice Keen. One of the finest treatises of historical chivalry there is.

Chivalry-Now, the Code of Male Virtue—by D. Joseph Jacques. An introduction to Chivalry-Now and the 12 Trusts.

The Deeper Quest—by D. Joseph Jacques. An introduction to Esoterica.

He, Understanding Male Psychology—by Robert A Johnson. A very short book that wonderfully explores what it means to be a man, using the tale of Sir Percival and the Holy Grail as its source material. Very Jungian.

Iron John, A Book about Men—Written by Robert Bly. The classic book on male issues by a true advocate of the same.

The Return of King Arthur—by Debra N. Mancoff. A fascinating look at how the legend of King Arthur shaped Victorian culture.

The Chronicles of King Arthur—by Andrea Hopkins. A solid introduction to the legends.

Being a Man, A guide to New Masculinity—by Patrick Fanning and Matthew McKay.

Code of the Samurai—by Thomas Cleary. This small book provides an interesting summary of a warrior code of Eastern culture. The student of chivalry can examine the differences between East and West.

The Warrior's Journey Home—by Jed Diamond. Focuses on addiction in its many varieties, and how the lack of a warrior ethic has contributed to this growing problem.

Any book on manners and courtesy, or how to act like a gentleman.


The Power of Myth—by Joseph Campbell. An excellent series of 6 thought-provoking discussions that should be must viewing for anyone who seriously searches for truth. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The Birth of the Modern Mind, the Intellectual History of the 17th and 18th Centuries—by Professor Alan Charles Kors, University of Pennsylvania, sold online by The Teaching Company. A series of 24 lectures that will really open your mind to the wealth of Age of Enlightenment ideals that made us who we are. Professor Kors generates incredible energy that will make you want to watch this over and over again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Natural Law and Human Nature—by Joseph Koterski, S.J., Fordham University, sold online by The Teaching Company. A series of 12 lectures that will enlighten you about Nature's Law.

No Excuses: Existentialism and the Meaning of Life—by Professor Robert C. Solomon, University of Texas, sold online by The Teaching Company. A series of 24 lectures about Existentialism.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon—A medieval tale of conscience based on real events. The story of Saint Frances of Assisi, directed by Franco Zeferelli.

Excalibur—a film by John Boorman that creatively threads together many of the Arthurian legends with splendid and inspiring results.

Camelot—a touching musical rendition of King Arthur's reign.

The Kingdom of Heaven—Story of the fall of Christian Jerusalem during the Crusades. See the Director's Cut if possible. A lot is missing from the original release.

Seven Samurai—A classic, considered by some as the best movie ever made.

Century of Self—a low budget, 3 part documentary by Allen Curtis revealing how political and commercial forces combine to curtail our freedom and replace it with compliant commercialism.


For those interested is swordplay

The Longsword of Johannes Liechtenauer, Part 1—by Agilitas.TV

The Flower of the Battle—by Compangia de Malipiero

Medieval Swordfighting—by Compangia de Malipiero

The Blow by Blow Guide to Swordfighting in the Renaissance Style—by Mike Loades


Special Features:

Recommended Reading & Videos

Exploring what chivalry is all about, and what it means to be a man, is an integral part of our Quest, and therefore part of this curriculum. Recommended books and videos can assist you on your path to self development



© Copyright 2007