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Coat of Arms

The following shield design represents the Companionship of Chivarly-Now. It has been officially designed by Companion Rick Kasparek, who also registered it in 2012 on our behalf, both nationally and internationally.

The shield design consists of three red, diagonal stripes on a white field, reminiscent of the magical shield provided by the Lady of the Lake to Sir Lancelot, which was said to triple his strength in battle. The escallops symbolize being a pilgrim in life, which represents each person’s quest. That there are three in a diagonal row, describes our Companionship of many, each progressing on an ascending path.

The heraldric battle-cry includes a number of the ancient concepts that contributed to the evolution of Chivalry-Now.

  • Kairos - Translated from Greek as the "right time," it refers not only to the living moment, but to the coming of a special age in which a leap in human consciousness results from myriad contributory factors. Kairos events are noted for their focus on freedom, human rights, and intellectual advancements.
  • Areté' - The "highest good" or "greatest virtue." For human beings it means a combination of reason and virtue.
  • Ordo Mundi - The "Order of the world," calling attention to a healthy relationship to the environment that we depend on for our survival.
  • Telos - The inner aim of one's own growth or evolution, which prompts us toward growth.
  • Anagnorisis - A confrontation with truth that transforms our lives for the better, resulting in personal authenticity and the gain of autonomy.
  • Alethia - Truth.

Below is our original design.


Special Features:

Special Training Manuals

CN Companionship


Knighthood (Nov.27, 2011)

Discipline of the Sword

Path to Knighthood

(Some manuals may still be incomplete or not yet available. Changes will be noted by date.)

On the Road to Knighthood—by Sir Steven Forgette

Introductory Rules
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Council of Knights

Some of the terms we use.

Discipline of the Sword

Draft Constitution

Our True Direction

The Deeper Song

Shadow-side of Male Virtue

The 12 Trusts
An extended version


Guide to Chivalry
Part 1

The Path to Knighthood Program —is temporarily closed


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