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"Take Back What was Lost"


  The book Chivalry-Now, the Code of Male Ethics. The book The Deeper Quest.

Book of the 12 Trusts
The groundwork of CN

Book of Esoterica
For aspiring Knights

Chivalry-Now embraces truth, self-discovery, reason and compassion. It encourages people to find personal authenticity by encountering life as a Quest.

Chivalry-Now is also a worldwide fellowship committed to healing our wounded culture by returning what was lost.

Please join us on our quest by introducing yourself on our Open Forum, a place to develop friendships, share ideas and enjoy mutual support.

Brother Knights Nick Bettis, Dean Jacques,
Steven Forgette, Bruce Haig, Steven Harris, during
2014 Summer Solstice Gathering.

Picture of Terrence Plage, Knight, and his members of the Collegiate Fellowship of Chivalry, South Africa.
Introducing our CN affiliate in South Africa, the Collegiate Fellowship of Chivalry, founded by Terence Plage, KCN.

Want to know where Chivalry-Now derives its fundamental principles?

In The Deeper Quest, certain concepts are brought to light that were fundamental to the moral development of Western civilization.

Here is a quick review of some of those concepts:

Nature's Law is the application of reason to conscience. This is recognized as the basis for our judicial system, and the attainment of personal autonomy. While conscience tells us what is right and wrong, reason provides a knowledgeable response. One without the other does not work well.

Telos is that instinct, or "inner aim," that pushes us to develop ourselves for the greater good. Ever get that feeling of discontent that your life isn't what it should be? That's Telos.

Areté is the proficiency of applying reason to virtue in order to attain moral autonomy and competency. This is considered the highest good for human beings to attain in their lives. The development of real virtue is the purpose of freedom.

Anagnorisis is the moment when truth confronts one's ego and shatters previous illusions and prejudices - a turning point when a new person of conscience is born.

Kairos (capital "K") refers to points in history when disparate factors converge to produce dramatic leaps in human consciousness (the Axial Age and Age of Enlightenment being the most famous). It is our hope that a new Kairos event is coming. One of the purposes of Chivalry-Now is to contribute to such an event by preserving ideals of value. When spelled with a small "k," it refers to the ever changing moment in time.

Ordo Mundi means Order of the World, a relationship with nature which includes respect and understanding.


"We come from the shadows as advocates of light — to replace what was lost, fix what was broken, and renew a pervasive conscience long considered dead."


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Modern Chivalry from a Christian perspective, by Brother Knight Rick Kasparek

An inspiring speech by
Charlie Chaplin which captures the heart of Chivalry-Now

Evermore, a resource to help people, founded by Companion Yusuf Dar

On the Road to Knighthood, by Steven Forgette, KCN

The Impossible Dream
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Outdoor Chapel, for Knightings
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A practice speech on Chivalry performed by Kevin Hankins, CNC.

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